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Black Death

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Library Guide


Black Death Pandemic in Europe

This guide will introduce you to some of the different types of resources that can be used to conduct research about the bubonic plague pandemic that struck Europe during the mid 14th-century.


Tips for doing History Research

  1. Get to know the library! A popular expression is that the library is the historian's laboratory. Books, journals, primary sources, speciality search engines, and other similar tools are essential for historical research.
  2. Read "How to do Research in History" -- it's written to help students learn the basics of historical research.
  3. Take time to brainstorm search terms and synonyms; for example, search by "black death", "bubonic plague", or "plague".
  4. Use a time period word/phrase followed by key concepts for your topic; for example, "religion" AND "plague" AND "14th Century".
  5. Having trouble? Don't give up on your topic -- ask a librarian who will show you ways to find more results.



Find Books


Marymount Library Catalog

(1) Some books on the topic of the Black Death are on reserve at the library. Ask at the check-out desk to use them in the library for 2 hours.

(2) Search for additional books in the Marymount collection using keywords for your topic (see Tips 3 & 4 above).

(3) Watch a how-to video on using the catalog to find books.



(1) Search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world.

(2) If the Marymount Library does not have the book, contact your librarians and we'll get it for you (at no cost).

(3) Watch a how-to video on using WorldCat to find materials in other libraries.



Find Magazines & Journal Articles


Through the Library

The Library pays for access to specialized databases where you can find online magazine and journal articles on topics of interest to scholars.


Some articles are fully available. Other times you might only find a summary of the article with information about where and when it was published. In this case, we may have access through another database or a print copy of the article. If not, we can usually get a copy from another library.


Go to the Library's home page: http://www.marymountpv.edu/academics/library. Look under "Research" and select "Find Articles." Try one or more of these:


Academic Search Premier

Search for articles from nearly 4,700 journals and magazines in all subject areas.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.


ProQuest Research Library

Search for articles from over 5,000 magazines and journals in all subject areas.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.


ProQuest Religion

Search for articles from over 100 journals covering religious issues and perspectives.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page. 



Through Google Scholar


Google Scholar also provides access to many scholarly materials. However, you will not usually get access to the full article, but rather simply the abstract. If you find an article in Google Scholar, but don't get access to the full article, speak with the librarians who will request a copy of it from another library.


Google Scholar

Search nearly 4,700 journals and magazines in all subject areas.

Google Scholar shows you materials that you wouldn't see in a normal Google search.




Recommended Websites


When you are doing research using Google or another search engine, you really need to critical evaluate the web sites for credibility, quality, and currency. 

Tip!  Information from sites that end in .gov and .edu tend to be more credible sources. But you still must apply the criteria of credibility, quality, and currency.



Search for recommendations for high quality Internet sites, which are selected and described by specialists within British academia.



Advanced Google Search

Try creating a more advanced search to focus in on better, more relevant materials.

Enter your search terms as normal

Under "Search within a site or domain" type:  .ac.uk (UK higher education sites) or .edu (US higher education) 




Citing Sources


Marymount Library Citation Guides: Available for MLA and APA citation styles. For help citing sources, contact the library or visit a librarian in-person.







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