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Decade Research

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Library Guide


Decade Research

This guide will introduce you to some resources for researching the political and cultural events of a particular year or decade. These are suggested places to start your research, not an exhaustive list of all of the resources available in the Library.


Search Tip! When searching, try a variety of keywords, such as a specific decade, event or fad (e.g., if you are researching 1939, search the catalogs and search engines for “thirties,” "1930s,” “Great Depression,” etc.).


Once you have done some basic reading, you'll explore events of your decade and year more in-depth. Websites and encyclopedias are great for general information, but you'll need to consult books, newspapers, and other periodicals to get more detailed information.  

(Image used with permission from UC Irvine Libraries)



Find Books in Marymount Library


Suggested titles are listed below; these are meant as starting points only.

To find additional materials, search the Marymount Library catalog.

Watch a how-to video to learn the basics of searching the library catalog.


Multiple Decades


American Cultural History: 19th Century


American Cultural History:  20th Century



American Generations: Who They Are, How They Live.

   New York: New Strategist, 2005.


REF HC 110 .C6 M545 2005

American Memory Project



Gordon, Lois and Alan Gordon. American Chronicle: Year By Year Through the Twentieth Century.
    New Haven: Yale UP, 1999.


REF E 169 .1G664 1999
Peacock, John. 20th Century Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook.
    New York: Thames and Hudson, 1993.


GT 596 .P433 1993

This Fabulous Century. 8 vols.

    New York: Time, 1969-1970.

    This eight-volume set from the editors of Time-Life books covers events from 1870-1970.

REF E 161 .T55 or E 161 .T55




Baughman, Judith S. American Decades: 1920-1929.
    New York: Gale, 1996. 


REF E 169. 1 A419 1995

Blackman, Cally. The 20’s and 30’s: Flappers and Vamps.
    Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens, 2000.


GT 596 .B53 2000




Hall, Carolyn. The Thirties in Vogue

    New York: Harmony, 1985.


CB 425 .H224 1985




Hall, Carolyn. The Forties in Vogue.
    New York: Harmony, 1985.
CB 425 .H223 1985
Kleinfelder, Rita Lang. When We Were Young, A Baby-Boomer Yearbook.
    New York: Prentice Hall, 1993.
REF E 169.12 .K54 1993




Pearce, Christopher. Fifties Source Book: A Visual Guide to the Style of a Decade.
    Secaucus: Chartwell, 1990.
N 6493 .P31 1990
Rock & Roll Generation: Teen Life in the 50’s.
    Richmond: Time, 1998
E 169.12 .R586 1998




Cawthorne, Nigel. Sixties Source Book.
    Secaucus: Chartwell, 1989.
D 421 .C38 1989
Nelson, Douglas and Thomas Parker. Day by Day: The Sixties. 2 vols.
    New York: Facts on File, 1983.
REF D 840 .P27 1983




Leonard, Thomas, Cynthia Crippen, and Marc Aronson. Day by Day: The Seventies. 2 vols.
    New York: Facts on File, 1988.
REF D 848 .L4 1988
Waldrep, Shelton, ed. The Seventies: The Age of Glitter in Popular Culture.
    New York: Routledge, 2000.
E 169 .O2 S4535 2000




Meltzer, Ellen and Marc Aronson. Day by Day: The Eighties. 2 vols.
    New York: Facts on File, 1995.
REF D 848 .M45 1995
Torr, James, ed. The 1980s. San Diego: Greenhaven, 2000. E 169.12 .A175 2000




Avasthi, Smita. Day by Day: The Nineties. 2 vols.
    New York, Facts on File, 2004.
REF D 856 .A93 2004
Oxoby, Marc. The 1990s. Westport: Greenwood, 2003. E 169.12 .O96 2003



Find Newspapers and Other Periodicals in Marymount Library


The Library pays for access to specialized databases where you can find online magazine and journal articles on topics of interest to scholars.


Some articles are fully available. Other times you might only find a summary of the article with information about where and when it was published. In this case, we may have access through another database or a print copy of the article. If not, we can usually get a copy from another library.


Go to the Library's home page: http://www.marymountpv.edu/academics/library. Look under "Research" and select "Find Articles." Try one or more of these:


National Newspaper Index

Search newspapers articles published in the LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Christian Science Monitor.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.

*Note: You can search for articles published in a particular year from ~1980s onward. Watch this video to learn how.


Salem History

Search full-text articles on the people and events of the 1950's - 1990's and the Milestone Documents Series in U.S. History.


Academic Search Premier

Search for articles from nearly 4,700 journals and magazines.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.


ProQuest Research Library

Search for articles from over 5,000 magazines and journals in all subject areas.

Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.




Cite Your Sources


Marymount Library Citation Guides: Available for MLA and APA citation styles

For help citing sources, contact your library or visit a librarian in-person.





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