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Not sure where to start your research? 


The Library has developed a number of research guides on popular topics and for some specific courses.  The guides will point you towards places to search for print and electronic sources as well as provide you with tips on how to search effectively.



Search by Course or Topic



American Studies


Business & Economics

Careers and Majors                                   



Global Studies


Political Science


Religious Studies






Specialized Guides for ID117


ID117 Discovery Assignment


Supporting guides:

Anderson - ID117 Discovery Assignment

Della Pietra - ID117 Discovery Assignment

Sanchez / Holton Brown - ID117 Discovery Assignment

Tattoos on the Heart - ID117 Discovery Assignment

Practice Exercise: Annotated Bibliography

Searching for Books



Specialized Guides for Capstone


How do I .... for my Capstone?

Create an Annotated Bibliography 

Document Your Paper in Chicago

Write an Abstract for Your Paper

Write a Literature Review for Your Paper

Distinguish Primary, Secondary, & Teritary Sources




One Campus One Book


Tattoos on the Heart



Resources for Faculty


How do I ....?

Integrate videos from Films on Demand into my course webpage?





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