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Affluence in Civilizations

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Library Guide


Role of Affluence in Civilizations (ECO221H)

This guide introduces you to some of the different types of resources that can be used to conduct research for your research topics on the role of affluence in the rise or decline of a civilization, empire, nation, industry, or economic institution. The guide will walk you through the initial steps of topic brainstorming to the next steps of deeper exploration once you have found your focus. 


Step 1: Find Your Inspiration


Finding a topic is not always as easy as it might seem! To gather ideas for potential topics, you need to browse some sources. So, what makes a good topic?


  • It interests you! You'll enjoy it and do a better job.
  • It’s broad enough to give you several search options.
  • It’s focused enough that you’re not overwhelmed with information.


Browse Books


Marymount Library Catalog

To brainstorm topic ideas using the library catalog, search by "economics", "economic development", "imperialism", etc., and then click the "subject" button to browse book titles.



          Watch a how-to video to learn the basics of searching the library catalog.



Suggested Titles


Book Encyclopedia of the world's nations and cultures.   REF G 63 .K874 2007 v.1

Provides descriptions of the dominant political, economic, social, and cultural systems of the world's countries.


Book  Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations.               REF G 63 .W67 2007 v.1

Also provides country profiles, including historical and economic content.


Also: see our Research Guide on Country Research for other suggested titles.



Browse Internet Directories


Economics Google Directory

Browse this extensive list for economic institutions, including supranational banks,  


US Department of State: Country Background Notes

Browse publications to learn about the land, people, history, government, political conditions, and economies of countries, some dependent states, and areas of special sovereignty.


Economist Country Briefings

Quick up-to-date profiles on 82 countries providing basic facts, economic data, history, political structure, political forces, and economic structure.  Links to recent articles in the Economist. 




Step 2: Explore Your Inspiration in Greater Depth


Once you have done some basic browsing and short-listed 1-2 topics, you'll need to begin exploring those topics more in-depth. Websites and encyclopedias are great for general information, but you'll need to consult books, newspapers, and other periodicals to get more detailed information. Remember, good arguments are built on good evidence.

(Image used with permission from UC Irvine Libraries)



Find Books


Search for books on your topic in Marymount Library or in nearby libraries. Having trouble finding relevant materials? Ask a librarian for help.



Find Newspaper, Magazine, and Journal Articles


Use the library's specialized databases to find newspaper and journal articles on topics of interest to researchers, like yourself.


Some articles are fully available. Other times you might only find a summary of the article with information about where and when it was published. In this case, we may have access through another database or a print copy of the article. If not, we can usually get a copy from another library.


Try one or more of these:


Academic Search Premier

Search for articles from nearly 4,700 journals and magazines in all subject areas.

*Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.


Newspaper Source

Search nearly 30 national and international newspapers for different arguments and perspectives on your topic.

*Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the advanced search home page.


Business Source Elite

Search nearly 1,000 scholarly business, management, and economics journals.

*Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.


ProQuest Research Library

Search for articles from over 5,000 magazines and journals in all subject areas.

*Be sure to click the "full text" check box on the search home page.




Don't Forget: Cite Your Sources


As you're doing your research, be sure to note all the sources you are using. You will need this information to created a Works Cited Page.


Learn more about why and how to cite.  Marymount Library publishes APA and MLA citation guides online.






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