ID117 Discovery Tasks

ID 117: Library Discovery Tasks


Welcome students! The discovery tasks on this site will introduce you to the basic resources and services offered by the Marymount Library. Learning to use the library -- to go beyond Google, your course textbook, and the professor's lecture -- supports learning and inquiry and helps you transition from high school to appropriate college-level research. Consider the librarians to be your research coaches who are here to help you make this transition.


Assignment Instructions: There are 4 discovery tasks and 1 questionnaire to complete. Each discovery task is followed by assignment questions/activities. Use this worksheet to answer Assignment Parts 1 and 2. Print out and staple your findings for Assignment Parts 3, 4, and 5 to the worksheet. This assignment will be marked as either complete (100%) or non-complete (0%). You must complete all 5 parts to get "complete" (full points), otherwise, you will receive a non-complete (zero points), even if you do 4 out of 5.


Take a Tour of Marymount Library


The Library web site is your starting point for the discovery tasks. To begin, you must find the Marymount Library home page (hint: look under "Academics").


Discovery Task 1: Take a Tour of Library Resources

Tour Resources




Look under "Research" and explore the types of materials that are available to support your research.


What are "Research Guides"? Look at some of the guides that were created for students.


What hours can you do research using the library? (Hint - look at "Off Campus Access")



Part 1 

i) Briefly describe the range of resources available to you. Were there any surprises?

ii) If it's Sunday night and the library is closed, how can you do research for your papers?


(Answer using the worksheet. No bullet points; answer both in complete sentences.)



Discovery Task 2: Take a Tour of Library Services

Tour Services  




Look under "Services" and read about the range of services available to support your research needs.


Identify all the different ways that you can seek help from a Librarian. (Say hello to us if we're online!)


Think you can ask a Librarian only about books? Not so! Here's a sample asked by students last year.


Look at the "How Do I...?" page (under "Instruction"). What are some of the questions answered?



Part 2

i) Briefly describe one library service of interest, and comment on when and why you would use it.

ii) If you have a research paper coming due, what kind of help could you ask of the Librarians?


(Answer using the worksheet. No bullet points; answer both in complete sentences.)



Find Books in Marymount Library


Discovery Task 3: Search for Books in the Library Catalog


Why use books (when you have Google)? They are typically thorough, detailed, reviewed, and in-depth. Did your professor assign you a paper on a subject you know little about? Consult a book or two on the assigned subject to help you identify interesting aspects of the subject that you can use as the focus of your paper.


Search for books

in the catalog              




Go to "Find Books & More" under the "Research" section. 


  • You can search for books in Marymount Library or nearby libraries.
  • It always make sense to search Marymount Library first.


Click on the catalog image to search Marymount Library.


Watch this video to learn how to do a basic search in the catalog. (Or download and read these instructions).


Search the catalog for a book on a theme of interest from one of your current classes.


Browse the search results and click on interesting titles to learn more about those books


(Think there is nothing on your topic? At this point you should ask a librarian for advice, because we can show you new search strategies. You'll be surprised at how much is in the library!) 



Part 3

Search the catalog for a book on a theme that interests you from one of your current classes.

Print out the catalog record (view an example) and staple it to your worksheet.

(Be sure that the book is available -- if it says the book is checked "out", then select another.)


Discovery Task 4: Locate a Book Using a Call Number

Locate a Book      



Find the call number for the book you chose. It's the short alpha-numeric code next to the title (e.g. P121.M343 2003). 


Call numbers are essentially addresses for books. (Read this short guide on call numbers.)



Part 4

Find the actual book that you selected in the Marymount Library.

Photocopy the title page (or front cover) of the book, and staple it to your worksheet.




Assignment Part 5: Complete Questionnaire


Part 5

Complete this questionnaire, submit your answers, and print out the "Thanks!" message.              

Staple the "Thanks!" message it to your worksheet.


Submit Your Assignment  Your submitted assignment must include your answers for Discovery Tasks 1 and 2, and your print-outs and photocopies for Tasks 3, 4, and 5. To receive a complete grade (full points), all 5 parts must be presented. If all 5 parts are not included, you will receive an incomplete (zero points) grade. Submit your assignment for grading at the front check-out desk at the Library (or, if no one is seated there, to a librarian).