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AB Practice Exercise

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Library Guide


Practice Exercise: Annotated Bibliography


Your annotated bibliography should tell a story about your topic.  What does that mean? Your bibliography shows:


  • diversity in viewpoints of a topic
  • diversity in coverage of a topic


The bibliography should demonstrate that you have been selective about the sources you have chosen.

Each source presents interesting, unique, or complementary information.


Exercise: Which Two Books Would You Select?


Imagine you have chosen "speech language pathology" as your topic. You know the basics -- a speech-language pathologist is a person who diagnoses and treats problems with speech and language -- but you want to learn more about their work.


Of the following books, which two might you include in your annotated bibliography?


Speech correction : an introduction to speech pathology and audiology

(View it in Marymount Library Catalog)


The Development of Language

(View it in Marymount Library Catalog)


How Languages are Learned

(View it in Marymount Library Catalog)


Communication Disorders Sourcebook

(View it in Marymount Library Catalog)


Speech and Language

(View it in Marymount Library Catalog)


View a sample annotated bibliography on this topic.



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