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Link or Embed Videos from Films on Demand in D2L

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Linking or Embedding Films on Demand Video in D2L


A video tutorial of these instructions is available at:




1.       Use the URL provided below the description of the video or segment you wish to link to.


Caution:  Don’t use the URL in the browser address page.  This will not work!

2.       Copy the URL in the box (Ctrl +C) and open your D2L course page where you wish to insert the link.

3.       Click on the Insert Quicklink icon


4.       In the dialog box that appears, choose URL from the Category drop down menu; paste (Ctrl +V) the video URL in URL box; provide a caption for the link which users will see instead of the URL address and click Insert.







1.       Click on the Embed this Video icon directly below the video screen.  Select the Use Old Embed Code (The other embed code does not work in D2L).  Copy the entire snippet of code. 


2.       Open the editing page in D2L where you wish to embed the video and click on the Insert Stuff icon. 


3.       In the dialog box, click Enter Embed Code, then paste the video code in the box. Click Next.

4.       You may see a security warning after clicking next.  Answer No


5.       You will see a preview screen with the embedded video.  Now click Insert.


6.       Click Save and Close and you’re done!





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